Sep 12, 2009

Drawing a rat!


I can't even draw a circle with a fucking compass. I'm not in the possession of any drawing skills whatsoever. Well I don't give a fuck. Any maybe you took notice of the little change above. New York some years ago. And I'm too lazy to update regularly at the moment, but I don't have time since I'm working at the Postal Service. But soon I'm leaving Luxembourg, and changing my permanent living space to Vienna Austria.

I ate Pizza and Cordon Bleu today!


  1. This post is both a quadruple ∆ and a single ∆. Interesting but so random at the same time!
    Well, have a nice day :D

  2. baaam first comment from the snikotastik sniko best! i like :)

  3. today I ate bouchée à la reine!


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